Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody & Visitation

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As a parent, you want what is best for your child. Unfortunately, the other parent may have different ideas about what is best, or may simply be hostile to any amicable resolution. Through mediation or negotiation, you may be able to find middle ground and move forward. If you cannot work it out, a family court judge will make custody decisions for you.

L.J. Stein Family Law will advise you with appropriate strategies and the provide the proper legal support to resolve child custody issues out of court, and understanding courtroom advocacy if litigation is required. L.J. Stein Family Law has over 20 years of experience in child custody cases and negotiation.

L.J. Stein has helped a number of individuals with custody cases. He has represented both mothers and fathers, seeking primary custody or trying to maximize their visitation. The law is gender-neutral, but custody typically goes to whomever does the hands-on parenting on a daily basis.

L.J. Stein Family Law handles all contentious matters relating to custody, including:

  • Modifications of Parenting Plans
  • Child relocation
  • Interference with visitation; parental alienation
  • Grandparent/non-parent petitions for custody
  • Paternity and fathers’ claims for visitation

L.J. Stein Family Law focus on the best interests of the child or children at the heart of a custody dispute. We prepare for the case based on the facts and do not intentionally set out to attempt to destroy the other parent. However, we will defend our client from dirty tactics from the opposing side to ensure that our clients get a fair and just result.

Whether you are fighting for custody of your child or revisiting court orders, contact L.J. Stein Family Law to arrange a free, initial consultation. Call us at 251-433-7272 to schedule your appointment, or e-mail us.