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Profile of L.J. Stein III

LJ Stein III Family Law and Personal Injury Attorney

LJ Stein III Family Law and Personal Injury Attorney

L.J. Stein, III (“Jimmy”) was born in Mobile and raised in Daphne,Alabama. He graduated from Fairhope High School in 1988. He graduated from The University of Alabama in 1992 and earned his Juris Doctorate at Mississippi College School of Law in 1995 and was admitted to the Alabama State Bar later that fall.

Right out of the gate, Jimmy hung his shingle and began representing clients in a number of areas in both civil and criminal practice, eventually practicing primarily, but not exclusively, Family Law and Personal Injury Law.


  • Cases Involving Bankruptcy
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Municipal Offenses
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Contracts
  • Commercial Litigation

Family Law

L.J. Stein III has represented hundreds of clients with various family law issues including:

Personal Injury Law

L.J. Stein III has successfully brought to conclusion several six and even seven figure claims for his clients who have been injured in unfortunate accidents. L.J. Stein III has represented hundreds of clients with various personal injury law issues including:

Why Family Law and Personal Injury?

“It’s not because one often leads to the other”, as Jimmy sometimes jokes.  “It’s because people enduring a divorce need more than just a lawyer knowledgeable about relevant case law and statutes. They need an ear, a shoulder and a guide. There is a responsibility that goes with this calling and it’s one he dutifully assumes. The injured also need a trusted partner in the legal process”. Jimmy often says, “Let’s go over all the options and decide together the wisest course of action. It’s your life, it’s your case not mine.” When an injured individual goes to war with a billion dollar insurance company and their cadre of lawyers and experts, they need to feel part of a team and that their voice is receiving an equal hearing.L.J. Stein, III is admitted to practice in Alabama by the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama(1995) and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Alabama (1995).