Child Support

Child Support

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In most cases, you do not need a lawyer for enforcement or modification of child support. The amount is based on the Alabama State child support guidelines.

However, there may be situations in which you do need legal representation. For example, it is sometimes necessary to get a court order to correct a miscalculation of arrears (unpaid child support). In that event, L.J. Stein Family Law can protect your interests. He has more than 20 years of experience in family law.

When Do You Need a Child Support Attorney?

  • Initial determination of child support at divorce
  • Contested paternity
  • Contested modification
  • Large amounts of child support arrears
  • Interstate or international custody disputes

You probably do NOT need a lawyer for:

  • Paternity actions to compel child support — The state can require a DNA test to establish paternity, and will calculate support and enter the order in most cases.
  • Collecting child support — the State will collect unpaid child support on your behalf, and has authority to garnish wages.
  • Voluntary modification of child support — The court will amend the order upon a substantial change in circumstance, such as job loss.
  • Paying for College-While child support typically ends when a child reaches age 18, parents in Alabama, parents can be required to contribute Post Secondary Education Support (PSES) toward the costs of attending college. The amount of PSES can be a very contentious issue and the statutory guidelines are subject to interpretation. L.J. Stein Family Law can help you determine PSES obligations and represent you in court as necessary.

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